Invisalign Before Photo - Marina

Marina's Case Study

Marina came to see me because she was unhappy with the spacing between her upper and lower teeth - she also felt the teeth protruded too much. 

Invisalign works amazingly well in many situations where there is spacing so I was quite confident we could get a very nice result without the need for braces.

When treating spacing the very first thing we look at is what the lower teeth are doing as often we find that their position is going top prevent us closing the spacing in the top jaw - maybe they are little far forward or too high. In Marina's case the lower front teeth were also tilting outwards (proclined) so up righting the lower teeth was key to getting the top teeth into line. The only real complication was that Marina still had a baby molar tooth present (the adult tooth had never formed). This can create issues because you cant move baby teeth and baby molars tend to use up more room than the adult teeth that replace them. In these situations we generally prefer removing the tooth, however Marina wasn't too keen on that idea so after discussing the pros and cons we decided to leave it in place.

Invisalign after Photo - Marina

Marina's Results

All up treatment took 14months for Marina however that was using an older version of Invisalign so these days I would usually expect treatment to take around 10-12months. We got quite a nice result and Marina was very happy - for my part I would have loved to make a few more aligners as I felt that there was a tiny bit of residual spacing between the two front teeth that I wanted to close up. It is fair to say the space bothered me more than Marina and she was keen to finish treatment! Oh and yes, no baby teeth were harmed in the making of this smile....

Invisalign After Photo - Marina
Invisalign after Photo - Marina
Invisalign Before Photo - Marina

Invisalign after Photo - Marina

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