Invisalign Before Photo - Hannah
Hannah's Invisalign Plan

Hannah Rose Case Study

Hannah Rose attended our clinic wanting to discuss improving her smile with Invisalign - and specifically closing the space around her front teeth.

When looking at the alignment of Hannah's teeth it was apparent that in order to close the spacing around the upper front teeth we would need to move the lower front teeth down and back a little to allow this. In addition, you can see the two front teeth are flared or "canted" so part of our plan was also to upright the front teeth so they were more vertical.

Hannah Rose has beautiful teeth but there was a little wear around the edges of the front teeth which we corrected at the end with a little bonding (white filling material)

Hannah Rose's Results

All up treatment took 10months including a second round of aligners after the first to close a small amount of residual spacing.

Invisalign After Photo - Hannah
Invisalign After Photo - Hannah
Invisalign After Photo - Hannah
Invisalign After Photo - Hannah

Invisalign After Photo - Hannah

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