Invisalign Before Photo - Jengira
Invisalign Before Photo - Jengira
Invisalign Before Photo - Jengira

Jengira's Case Study

Jengira came to me unhappy with her smile - and in particular her canines which she felt were protruding and too prominent.
Jengira's complaint is a very common one. Before embarking on any course of treatment plan the key thing to identify is not only what elements are detracting from the smile but also why are the teeth where they are in the first place. This can sometimes be quite complex but in Jengira's case I felt the single biggest issue was the fact that the middle teeth sitting behind the canines were pulled in way too far. When this happens those teeth use up too much room in the mouth and in Jengira's case it meant the canines had been pushed outwards and had never come down fully, as well as causing crowding around the front teeth. The other challenge when the canines are out of position is we often start to see chipping and wearing of some of the adjacent teeth.

So Jengira and I came up with a plan!

  1.  Bring the middle and back teeth out to where they should be to give us some room to work AND widen the smile so we get to see more than just the front six teeth.
  2. Bring the lower front teeth down out of the way so the top front teeth have somewhere to live.
  3. Bring the upper canines down and tidy up the crowding
  4. Repair any chipped or worn teeth with bonding. 

You can see Jengira's results below!

Jengira's Invisalign plan

Jengira's Results

Jengira did a fantastic job wearing her aligners consistently and in the end treatment took 14months to complete. We made an initial run of 38aligners which got us most of the way of there, we made another 18aligners after that to take care of a few stubborn teeth and to settle the bite in. Once the aligners were finished I tidied up the front teeth that had worn with a little bonding and we were done!
The main thing to remember when going to Invisalign consultations is to make sure that there are no additional fees for additional aligners (refinements) or tidying things up with a little bonding or whitening if required.

Invisalign After Photo - Jengira
Invisalign After Photo - Jengira
Invisalign After Photo - Jengira
Invisalign before photo - Jengira

Invisalign after photo - Jengira

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