Sara's Invisalign Journey

Meet Sara!

Sara started her Invisalign journey with me 14 months ago and we finished today (well nearly, the retainers are still being made). Sara has been amazing client and has always been so enthusiastic and motivated no matter what was thrown her way - attachments on front teeth, recontouring, apocalyptic global pandemics shutting the practice for 2months - Sara took it all in her stride!

Sara has kindly let me share her journey so lets see where we first began..... (readers: I would be grateful if you could imagine the edges of your screen going all blurry to signify a flashback. I blew my special effects budget on a flat white this morning)

Where we began...

Sara saw me last year unhappy with her smile - a number of her front teeth were crossed over and slanted and close examination showed that a number of them had also been chipped and worn. Although of lesser concern to Sara, there was also a canine on the lower jaw that was heavily twisted around - 10years ago I would have had sleepless nights thinking how I was going to correct that canine but now days Invisalign's technology handles these movements easily. 

For me the first key to success would to upright the middle and back teeth -Why? Two reasons firstly by uprighting these teeth we would "widen the arch" allowing a more full smile where we get to see more teeth, it also has the effect of repositioning the gums slightly to reduce the amount of gum on display, The second reason is that by bringing the teeth out to where they should be, it gives us plenty of room to achieve Sara's main goal - getting those front teeth straight!

Second key to success? Sorting that rotated canine in the lower jaw- Why? The position of the canines is really important because when they are in the right place they help to direct and guide the teeth during eating. Think of them as the conductors of your mouth - they make sure all the forces you generate go on the right teeth, at the right angle, at the right time. When they are out of position we will often see a patient develop problems with chipping and wear over time. Sara's lower canine had been slacking off for way to long - time to put it back to work!.

With those goals in mind, some photos and a digital scan I went to work designing creating Sara's invisalign plan (readers: please overlay that A-Team theme music that plats when they go to work creating their plan of attack.....again I am sorry.....I really needed that coffee this morning). 

Our Plan...

The Result...

All up Sara was in treatment for 15months - although treatment was delayed a little because of the Covid lockdown. Once everything was in the right position we did a little whitening and then I repaired Sara's front teeth with some bonding.